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Florian Geyer completed his PhD degree on 12 February 2010

On Friday 12 February 2010, Florian Geyer defended his PhD thesis at the Nansen Center with title: "Overflow and topographically induced mixing on the Svalbard shelf". The opponents were Dr. Jean-Claude Gascard, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, and Dr Sc. Vigdis Tverrberg, Norwegian Polar Institute. The PhD degree was awarded by the Faculty of Sciences at University of Bergen, and the defence was headed by Prof. emeritus Eirik Sundvor. 

Nansen winter school 2010 was opened in India

Winter School 2010 in Cherai in KeralaWinter School 2010 in Cherai in KeralaThe Nansen Winter School 2010 was opened to day in Cherai in Kerala. 48 Indian Ph.D. students are gathered and during the next five days they will learn more about the Indian Ocean: Challenges in Meteorology and Oceanography. 19 lecturers from India, Norway, France and UK will during the winter school address key research topics related to the monsoon system, the Indian ocean circulation and modelling, sea level change, algal blooms and remote sensing.

Seminar on "Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information" 29th September

Seminar on "Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information" programSeminar on "Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information" programNorwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA) and The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research invites to Seminar on “Marin Monitoring using Satellite Information” Tuesday 29. September 14:00 -18:00 followed by dinner Nansen Senteret, Thormøhlensgate 47, Marineholmen, Bergen The full agenda is found at:

Opplæring i bruk av avansert satellitt teknologi for havovervåkning

Denne uken (29/9 til 2/10) er 65 doktorgradstudenter fra Europa, Russland og Brasil samlet på VilVite i Bergen for å lære om status og framtidige muligheter innen operative bruk av satellitt data for klima- og havovervåkning.

Den Europeiske Romfartsorganisasjonen (ESA) arrangerer intensiv kurs i Bergen og Nansen senter for miljø og fjernmåling og Geofysisk Institutt, UiB er vertskap. Kurset finner sted på VilVite senteret, hvor også bruk av satellittovervåkning inngår som en del av utstillingen.

Nansen Center contributes significantly at OceanObs´09

OceanObs'09 Logo: Ocean information for society: sustaining the benefits, realizing the potential 21-25 September 2++9, Venice, ItalyOceanObs'09 Logo: Ocean information for society: sustaining the benefits, realizing the potential 21-25 September 2++9, Venice, ItalyThe OceanObs conference in 1999 played a major role in forming the foundation for the comprehensive ocean observing systems implemented during the last decade facilitating systematic information about the physical environment of the worldwide oceans.


Near Real-Time Algal Bloom and Water Quality Monitoring Services for the North Sea and Skagerak Region

• Chlorophyll concentration

• Sea surface temperature


Towards an Operational Prediction system for the North Atlantic European coastal Zones.

The main objective of TOPAZ is to develop an advanced data assimilation system for a coupled primitive equation ocean circulation and marine ecosystem model for the North Atlantic and the Nordic Seas with enhanced resolution in the European coastal zones.

Satellite Processing Systems

• AS0AR-archive



• ASAR at Fedje with HF-radar overlay

• Technical user manual